The Portrait Of The Devil

September 19, 2016

I swear
I saw the devil.

He was just a man.

All those tales are full of shit.

Satan doesn’t have a tail,
Or a long nose,
Or a crooked smile,
Or red skin,
Or all the features they would like us to believe is ugly.

But at certain angles,
You can see a hint of his horns glisten against the light.

But you’ll hardly see it.

You will be too distracted
By his deadly good looks,
By his charming talks,
By his deep eyes,
By his ability to impress,
And what you may least expect –
The false aura of innocence.

But I saw him.
I saw him
While he hid away
From his lover
And kissed another one.

I saw him
While he told a tale
Of great illusion
And incredible lies.

I saw him
While he lied
And lied
And lied
And lied
To the ones
Who wholeheartedly loved him.

And he was beautiful.

But that is no excuse
For being evil.

Oh, don’t be fooled.

Satan comes in numerous forms.

A man.
A woman.
A teacher.
A leader.
A child.
A vessel of chaos.

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