The Importance Of Talking To Strangers

Do you know how many effing people exist on this planet?!

Let me just Google the exact figure.


That’s 7,714,576,923 lives.
7,714,576,923 different ways to traverse through life.
7,714,576,923 that you are not!!

That amazes me. Truly. It makes me realise how insignificant I am, but it only makes me value other people all the more. I want to know more stories. I want to witness more individual traits – like that little twitch, or that peculiar smirk. It’s amazing. Human beings are truly extraordinary. We exist in parallel universes.

Basically, I am pretty bent up on stressing the importance of meeting new people. It might seem like the most Extrovert thing that I, an extrovert, could say. But the beauty of meeting somebody new is one’s willingness to converse. Conversations are a two-way street and you don’t have to meet anybody you don’t want to or aren’t comfortable with. Except when you’re being chased by a persistent stalker or creep. Otherwise, you are always on driving the interaction. A simple ignoring, or a straight forward “hey I want to be alone right now”, can deviate a conversation that you don’t want to partake in. Of course, I am not going to try to convince everybody to go forth and meet new people. Individuals who struggle with social anxiety, who are supremely awkward and/or introverted – I respect it, and it’s never going to be ok for a social butterfly to impose my views.

But, if you are an extrovert like me, or just enjoy a valuable conversation – GO FORTH AND MEET NEW PEOPLE. The people you already know are just as valuable and extraordinary. But, like I said – 7,714,576,923 effing people! You can learn so much from so many people. You might even meet somebody who is everything you want to be – many somebodies who are every version that you want to be. Life is not just about you – or me. That should relax you a bit. It does, for me. Knowing that there are people to meet and stories to hear and experiences to share – it’s a reason to carry on.

Everybody I know and I’ve met, even briefly – I’m grateful for you being individual stories of my journey.

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