Kaatukozhi Recommends Part I

1. Beginning on a hard note

The following article plots the mayhem with the Kathua case and its relationship with the increasing communal dialogue propagating hate. It is truly heartbreaking to witness such a large population on people profess hate.

India is witnessing a new pattern of communal politics over dead children. Could anything be worse?

2. If you didn’t care about Interior Decor before, you will care now.

This entire playlist is pure gold. Now I have unrealistic home goals. Special shout out to Episode with Amy Sedaris. Truly magical.

3. What a heart-breaking but important read.

I have just started reading The Print and I am extremely impressed with their content. I think they are honest, straightforward and bold. This particular article is eye-opening, especially if you, like me thought India’s history about Hindu-Muslim comfortable co-existence was a truth. I think we all have to become more aware of who we are as Indians and how far we have come and what history has turned us into.

Hindutva rise must be pinned on historians who told us Hindus, Muslims lived peacefully once

4. Stone carver Anna Rubincam

I loved this for so many reasons. The artist herself was so interesting. She exposes a sort of vulnerability when she talks about the significance of her practice. Watching creative processes and being exposed to creators and their works reiterates purpose in me.

5. History in the making: when school children fought for Earth, head on.

You’ve obviously already heard of Greta Thunberg. But look at how big the movement has become. And I completely stand by it. I think it should be made a priority in every country to pay attention to the climate crisis. The climate crisis is The Great War in Winterfell to any Battle of King’s Landing ( I wish I could have delivered that comparison a little better.

6. Speaking about protecting Earth…

Unable to embed the youtube video for some reason. But Scoopwhoop produced this video that explores the effects of tourism on Leh, Ladakh. With increased irresponsible tourism, local ecosystems get damaged and get stuck in a toxic circle of damage. Also, the host is kinda cute and funny. Also, love the numerous illustrations incorporated in the video. Copy past the following on your browser –

7. I finally know things about the Israeli-Palestine conflict

8. Belated Happy Pride Month!!

9. Here’s my latest entry to my monsoon playlist.

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