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Erm.. What’s a Kaatukozhi?

Hello folks,
I am Rini and this is my 1,998,236th attempt at being consistent with a blog.
Anyhoo, as a young adult who had grown up in a traditional family, I’d make all sorts of excuses to stay out of home. I’d always be spending time with friends and skipping into every chance I got to travel with them. So, my mother referred to me as a kaatukozhi ( kaatu-ko-yyi) – a Malayalam term that translates to “forest chicken” aka wild chicken. It was a metaphor that described my nature of running wild and free. Now, I am claiming it as my identity to suit my incessant need to roam, travel and to never settle. So, this Kaatukozhi writes about everything she has to put up with. Okay? Okay.

the photograph of Rini Alphonsa Joseph
 Photo captured by Siddhanta.


A digital art of teeth biting the bottom lip, with the caption "give me a deeper conversation.

Daily/Maybe-not-so-daily Journals

A little venting from all that life throws at me – all for your entertainment!

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purple flower held in two hands with " a gift from me to you" written beneath it.


Just some indulgence in poetry and creative writing.

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multicoloured portrait painting of a girl, with "Just as God, I create too" written under it.


Another mode of my self expression, at your disposal.

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